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The USPS increases postage rates today. This website will become obsolete shortly. A new site with a working system for calculating postage is being constructed. If things go down for a day or two, that is why.


TRIBULATION song unveiled.

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"When the Sky is Black with Devils"


Sabbath Assembly Calling Forth The End

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As It Is.
On this day, December 21, 2012, Sabbath Assembly, representing the Process Church of the Final Judgment, is proud to announce THE END.
"The Process is the End; the Final Ending of the world of men. It is the agent of the End, the instrument of the End and the inexorable Power of the End."
-Robert De Grimston, 1967
www.sabbathassembly.com launches today, offering an unprecedented collection of hymns, teachings, and prayers of the Process Church -- an Apocalyptic, Gnostic Church active in the 60's and 70's that espoused the peculiar theology of worshiping Christ and Satan, Lucifer and Jehovah.  Also available are links to the music of Sabbath Assembly, who perform the hymns of this mysterious Church, as well as upcoming live dates of the band, which include:
"The Unification Tour" EUROPE 2013
With Uhrijuhla
10.4.2013 Turku, FI – Klubi
With Hexvessel
11.04.2013 Helsinki, FI – Kuudes Linja
12.04.2013 Oulu, FI – Nuclear Nightclub
Jyväskylä, FI – Lutakko
Warshaw, PL – Harenda

17.04.2013 Hamburg, GER – Hafenklang
Berlin, GER – Cassiopeia
Tilburg, NL – Roadburn Festival
ChiarAlice Lorenzini of Milano, Italy, has directed a new visual adaptation of the song 'We Come From the One,' from our latest album, Ye Are Gods.  The video pairs the liturgical text of the Process Church with the pure magic ritual energy of the 1907 film Le Spectre Rouge.
So Be It!
Sabbath Assembly



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The best HOTD review yet, translated from Italian:

Lovecraft is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for those who play metal, and tributes to the great visionary of Providence have been countless more. I am one of those who have seen the faces of the Great Old Ones, add now Swedes Head Of The Demon, but eschew the usual cliches based tentacles and unspeakable horrors. Theirs is a metal cross, hypnotic, boned, played mainly on the rawness of riffs and chants that are repeated cyclically. The psychedelic vertigo is assured, and with it the stimulation of perceptions that open windows of mysterious parallel dimensions. Saibot's voice seems that of Tom G.Warrior mentally dissociated under acid, while the six-strings Konstantin Papavassilou - former guitarist of regrets deathster Kaamos and the first incarnation of Saturnalia Temple - constantly seeking ways expressive and original- oblique metal without metal altogether. The long ramblings ofPhantasmagoria and “They Lie In Wait - Riding The Waste” creep ominously between the proto-doom Sabbathiano and the atmosphere of the crypt of Mortuary Drape, never fully enjoying one or the other. The key, however, adds the ancient and mysterious sound of an organ, which gives additional character to a ritualistic music, extremely gruesome. The Head Of The Demon realized that in order to see the true horror and the unfathomable depths narrated by Lovecraft you do not need to travel to the edge of the cosmos, just look in our own head. In the demon's head.

Europeans- grab it from Nuclear Winter
Americans- grab it here on CD and here on LP.

Two shirt designs coming soon.


TRIBULATION art unveiled.

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Tribulation will release their second full length album titled ‘The Formulas of Death’ in February 2013. Anyone expecting ‘The Horror’ part II is going to be in for something of a surprise. While still steadfastly death metal to its core, ‘The Formulas of Death’ sees the entire Tribulation sound and style expand and develop beyond what anyone could have expected. As anyone who is old enough to remember, Morbid Angel’s ‘Blessed are the Sick’ took somewhat of a hammering for expanding the band’s sound and incorporating different elements. ‘The Formulas of Death’ will stun and entrance in equal measure given the depth and breadth of what the band has achieved. Having only heard the straight cuts without any mixing or mastering, Tribulation have without doubt achieved something simply out of this world. :AJNA: will have merch available at the same time as the CD release (vinyl to follow, released in conjunction with Invictus).

As soon as a sample is given the green light, a song from ‘The Formulas of Death’ will be uploaded.