by Gerhard Hallstatt

Foreword by Joscelyn Godwin
* * *
A compendium
of all English content
the Aorta and Ahnstern booklets dating
from 1.994–1.999

* * *
Lucifer Rising: Kenneth Anger
Night of the Stigmata
Karl Maria Wiligut
Castel del Monte
Corneliu Codreanu
The Blue Light: Leni Riefenstahl
Storm Songs
Blood Axis
Oskorei: Varg Vikernes
Viktor Schauberger
Lucifer Rising
Baptism of Fire
Hidden World
Brown Magic
Field of Force
Feathered Dreams
Andreas Epp

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Blutleuchte is 324 pages in length and printed on soft recycled paper with wine red and chestnut brown text, and is housed in a wine red cloth binding with a duo-tone inset photo and black end papers. The book also includes 16 pages of photos from Gerhard's archives. Blutleuchte compiles all 20 Aorta and 9 Ahnstern tracts into a comprehensive hardback English edition. The translations have been revised and fine tuned with the help of various editors and the author.
   Blutleuchte should be viewed as a meta-historical compendium. The book becomes a romantic vision of Gerhard's own personal take on many topics that have inspired many and grown into popular themes within the industrial, neo-folk, heathen and black metal underworlds.
    Gerhard's research, along with magical-mystery tours to various cultic sites and interviews with prime players in the world of art, music and culture, culminate in a passionate narrative drawn from primary documents, heretical and sacred writings, philosophical treatises, psychotropic experimentations, and experiential learning.
   The book works through Gerhard's enthusiasms for various persons and movements, religious sites, architectural accomplishments, natural mysteries, celebratory festivals and scientific advancements.
   The book officially sees the night of day on December 22nd, in honor of the Winter Solstice.