Tabula Obscura
Tabula Obscura, a triple-faced art book, features a total of 153 works by Manuel Tinnemans, Sami Albert Hynninen and Timo Ketola in both colour and black and white, many of them commented by the respective artist.

The book was presented at Roadburn Festival on April 18th–21st 2013, coinciding with an art exhibition.

The 208-page book, an embossed hardcover with dustjacket. The dimensions of the book are 8.5" x 11" (21 x 28 cm).

Sold out since 2013.

Manuel Tinnemans was born in 1971 in Geldrop, Holland. Studied psychology at Tilburg University. Decomposer of extreme musick. Practising manual arts since 1975 with main focus on drawing yet also indulging in painting, graphics and sculpting. Self-taught artist. Started in 1999 to promote his art.

Sami Albert Hynninen
was born in Lohja, Southern Finland, in 1976. Producer, composer, arranger and performer of music. Lyricist, and writer of articles, reviews and prose poetry. Draughtsman and old school graphic designer. Student of folkloristics and religious studies. Only goal is to follow the true vision – to give it as pure form as possible, with clear composition, flow, and essence.

Timo Ketola was born in Helsinki, Finland, in 1975. He grew up in Sweden, and has lived in Italy since 2005 where he works with illustration and book design. He also dedicates himself to woodcarving and various traditional techniques of art printing. His main sources of inspiration are life and death.